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We Wanted to Take a Trip to a Place That We’ve Always Heard About

After hearing just about everyone mention going to Hawaii for a trip, my wife and me decided that we wanted to go. Of course, I had always wanted to go previously, but we just didn’t have the chance. But now that we are retired and have more time to get around more, we did not want to miss the opportunity. I had to ask her the name of Hawaii big island because I felt that is where I wanted to go first and where most of the action would be. But I checked out the other islands as well and saw things on each one that I would love to see. We have not had a chance to get away in a long time, so we wanted to try to pack in as much as we could on our trip, but we also wanted to have an appropriate amount of downtime for relaxation purposes, too.

In years past, we can both admit that we didn’t do very well when it came to planning our trips out better. We initially thought that simply being spontaneous would be best because anything else would ruin our fun. But what we found out is that we missed out on seeing some really great things because we didn’t search to see all that there is to do and we also missed things because we simply ran out of time due to not being very organized. For this big trip of a lifetime, we wanted to have a better mix of both things.

We don’t like taking trips where there are so many things to do that you feel rushed throughout the entire vaction and feel that you need a vacation from your vacation. We wanted to be able to lay back on the beach at various times and just enjoy the scenery. I’d say that we had the chance to do quite a bit of that, while also taking time for fancy meals, visiting beautiful waterfalls and other well known things that we wanted to see.