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Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

One of the main attractions is located at the corner of the island, a very modest with an ornate gate and a collection of the most rare and beautiful animals you will ever see. If you have been to Singapore, the wonderland of South East Asia then a visit to Jurong Bird Park is definitely a must and never to be avoided which is tucked in a beautiful island. This majestic bird park is one of the wonders of the world where you will find colorful birds of every nock and corner of the world. Here you will find flock and flamingos. It is currently the world’s largest bird park in terms of number of birds, there are about 5,000 birds of 380 species in this Bird Park which covers an area of about 202,000 square meters (50 acres) in Boon Lay Planning Area of the Jurong district.

This place easily attracts anyone who loves for the unusual, exciting, colorful and an experience that resembles a natural forest within the concrete and steel buildings. This wildlife bird sanctuary make feels you like you are in another world leaving lights and mass crowds of busy city centers and suburbs Boutique. When you enter into the park you will have the feelings like the way that you felt when watching Jurassic park. Here also you will have almost same experience only instead of a roar and a thunder rumble shaking – you will experience the warm smiles of the staff and the echoing sound of different species in the air.

The gift and souvenir shops are also a must for anyone who wants a complete trip and bring back home something that is worth to cherish throughout the rest of the life. The gifts are original, charming and entirely inspired bird – from key chains to T-shirts that serve as a reminder for the wonderful time you had in the bird park west. The park certainly lives up to its motto of a place with bright colors and there is never a dull moment in the landscape of birds and different attractions that will keep both adults and children happy. Be scared and fear the birds of prey and be amazed by the beauty of birds of paradise. From all corners of the world, birds of all sizes, shapes and sizes are available here in this bird sanctuary, either in large rooms or released within enclosures and large outdoor viewable.

You can even feed and let the earth in your hand – a sensory experience that gives you an idea of the birds and how they live, breathe and recreation. Travel through the whimsically named panorail and zip along with some of the birds and get a bird’s eye view of the entire park that makes you overwhelmed by its enchanting beauty. It is not only a tourist attraction, but it is an experience in itself, a marvel, a gem within an island known for being a giant city. It is one of the favorite among young couples prefer this to start their new life among these beautiful and colorful birds.