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Vietnam Adventure Tour

If you wish to make the most of your Vietnam adventure tour, then the following route comes highly recommended. Most Vietnam tours begin from the city of Hanoi, and not without good reason. For starters it is a gorgeous city that offers you a unique blend of French colonial architecture, busy marketplaces, serene tree-shaded boulevards and a criss-cross of streets that gives you a peek into its 1000 year old legacy in the form of the Old Quarter. Not to mention, it is also one of the most well-connected cities in Vietnam and is home loan international airport.

Your Vietnam adventure tour truly kicks off once you take an overnight train from Hanoi to Lao Cai, followed by a short drive to Sapa – a former French hill station. The journey to and from Sapa Valley offers a great opportunity to wear out your walking shoes and truly soak in the picturesque surroundings complete with lush rice terraces, as you also familiarize yourself with the lifestyle, traditions and attire of the locals. Do take a dip in the Than Phu River on your way back from Sapa Valley to Sapa, to cool off your heels and be ready to hit the next trail in your Vietnam adventure tour.

Tracing your way back from Sapa to Lao Cai and then Hanoi, be ready for the next leg of your Vietnam adventure tour – Ha Long Bay. Limestone formations rising out of the gorgeous emerald waters and tranquil grottoes of the Ha Long Bay sit beckoning you for an adventure like no other. Hire a traditional wooden junk to cruise along the island dotted waters of Ha Long Bay, where swimming, kayaking and sunbathing opportunities lie aplenty. Make sure to include Ho Ba Ham, the lagoon with three caves; Nui Ngoc, the fishing village; and Ba Men, the fisherman’s temple in your cruise of the mystical Ha Long, for an adventure that leaves you completely recharged to get back to the grind with grace.


Vacation Spot of South African


Decide on your tour to this Main African vacation spot during the months from July to October. This is the time when the zebras and gnus create their annual migrations from the Mara plains to these areas. You will have the golden opportunity to see their deadly hunters following them as well. However, a number of other parks in Kenya have abundance of wildlife migration during January to March too.


The weathers are at its most fantastic in Botswana through the month of September. The predominant climate condition during this time is very warm and welcoming and rainfall practically does not occur. The Okavango Delta of the area becomes the hub of indigenous wildlife. Thing to note here is that ‘mokoro’ the canoeing experience on Zambezi River takes its routes though the national parks and safaris in Botswana, and help travelers come in close contact with the plethora of wildlife a midst native flora and fauna of this part of Southern Africa.


Herds of zebras and their younger ones come to Serengeto and Ngorongoro nationwide parks in Tanzania during the months from February through March. Lions and tigers will also follow these animals and add to your skills of enjoying the exceptional wildlife of Tanzania. This is the reason why this time of the year experiences highest vacationer infiltration in Tanzania.


Organize your adventure tour to Uganda during the course of the months from December to March or June to September. This is the time while you will get the opportunity to watch the widely known mountain gorillas of Uganda! As the name suggests, these creatures climb up the mountain tops. So, seasons of heavy rainfall make it hard for them to crawl and climb up the mountains. Therefore, avoid months from March to April and October to November and pick out the dry seasons suggested here for Ugandan holidays.


Individuals visit Zambia to like the site of the herds of African elephants and buffalo there. They assemble at the Lower Zambezi valley while in the end of dry times which range from September to mid of November. You can also get an opportunity to watch the impalas and zebras in the pastures of Zambezi during this time period. However, the ideas are that avoid going to Zambia after November as considerable portion of genuine safaris remain blocked beyond this month of the year till the soon half of April.


1 Day Tour in Grand Canyon

There are two places where you can take this kind of river-rafting adventure :

  1. West Rim
  2. South Rim

Las Vegas travelers will partake in West Rim float trips, while folks heading up from Arizona cities like Phoenix, Sedona and Scottsdale will do the South Rim tours.

The West Rim is 120 miles from Las Vegas, which makes the region ideal for day trips. The typical float tour involves the following :

  1. Helicopter to bottom of Grand Canyon
  2. Bus to base of Hoover Dam
  3. Transfer to pontoon river raft
  4. Float 11 or so miles down Colorado River to Willow Beach

Personally, I get quite a kick out this trip. For one, the West Rim is the only place in the National Park where you can ride a helicopter to the bottom. I also like the fact that you go to the base of Hoover Dam. Few people actually get to experience this. Consider yourself in limited company when you do. And make sure you look up the wall of the Dam before getting on the raft because the top is 700 feet above you!

The South Rim float tours are equally impressive and come in two varieties :

  1. Bus to Glen Canyon Dam & 15-mile river raft to historic Lee’s Ferry
  2. Airplane to Page, AZ. Hop on Jeep 4×4 and do Antelope Canyon. Return to base of Dam and raft down to Lee’s Ferry.

The first tour is your most basic and affordable. The second trip is the deluxe version and will cost more. But the flight over is incredible and fast, and the side-trip to Antelope is something you’ll never forget.

Remember earlier I noted that there are no whitewater rapids on float trips. The benefits of this are:

  1. You don’t need to be in shape to run a marathon
  2. You don’t have to be an Olympic swimmer (safety gear is provided and must be worn at all times).
  3. You won’t be gritting your teeth

The other huge benefit is that kids as young as four years of age can do these trips, thus making them perfect for families.

These trips are all-inclusive and come with lunch, all gear and a professional river pilot/guide. I do encourage you to bring the following :

  1. Hat
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Sun block
  4. Water
  5. River sandals
  6. Shorts
  7. Long-sleeve shirt

Lastly, I recommend packing a bag of dry clothes. It’s more comfortable sitting on the bus home in fresh clothes versus damp ones (been there, done that!)

Float trips are seasonal and run from March through November. That said, don’t wait to book them last minute. These tours are extremely popular and sell out way in advance. My suggestion is if you think you are going to do one, book it ASAP.

Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

One of the main attractions is located at the corner of the island, a very modest with an ornate gate and a collection of the most rare and beautiful animals you will ever see. If you have been to Singapore, the wonderland of South East Asia then a visit to Jurong Bird Park is definitely a must and never to be avoided which is tucked in a beautiful island. This majestic bird park is one of the wonders of the world where you will find colorful birds of every nock and corner of the world. Here you will find flock and flamingos. It is currently the world’s largest bird park in terms of number of birds, there are about 5,000 birds of 380 species in this Bird Park which covers an area of about 202,000 square meters (50 acres) in Boon Lay Planning Area of the Jurong district.

This place easily attracts anyone who loves for the unusual, exciting, colorful and an experience that resembles a natural forest within the concrete and steel buildings. This wildlife bird sanctuary make feels you like you are in another world leaving lights and mass crowds of busy city centers and suburbs Boutique. When you enter into the park you will have the feelings like the way that you felt when watching Jurassic park. Here also you will have almost same experience only instead of a roar and a thunder rumble shaking – you will experience the warm smiles of the staff and the echoing sound of different species in the air.

The gift and souvenir shops are also a must for anyone who wants a complete trip and bring back home something that is worth to cherish throughout the rest of the life. The gifts are original, charming and entirely inspired bird – from key chains to T-shirts that serve as a reminder for the wonderful time you had in the bird park west. The park certainly lives up to its motto of a place with bright colors and there is never a dull moment in the landscape of birds and different attractions that will keep both adults and children happy. Be scared and fear the birds of prey and be amazed by the beauty of birds of paradise. From all corners of the world, birds of all sizes, shapes and sizes are available here in this bird sanctuary, either in large rooms or released within enclosures and large outdoor viewable.

You can even feed and let the earth in your hand – a sensory experience that gives you an idea of the birds and how they live, breathe and recreation. Travel through the whimsically named panorail and zip along with some of the birds and get a bird’s eye view of the entire park that makes you overwhelmed by its enchanting beauty. It is not only a tourist attraction, but it is an experience in itself, a marvel, a gem within an island known for being a giant city. It is one of the favorite among young couples prefer this to start their new life among these beautiful and colorful birds.


Horseback Riding Tips

Your first horse riding lesson

the first horse riding lesson is very important as the coach will assure this vital lesson to make sure that a bond between you and it is created. It is all about the faith that you show on the them and thus it will return it back. You need to understand the actual nature of the them before you get started and speed up. Learning to become the horse’s guardian will finally benefit you a lot and have a wonderful equestrian horseback riding trip.

Know your horse well

Just make sure you know about them and also his behavior. Just knowing a couple of things would not do. The tips which you learn about should not just include the riding but also they as it will transport your from one place to other. What you need to do is learn to win the trust of the it. All this will not just help but your trip can also be fun-filled. No matter it is Australia equestrian horse riding or United States equestrian horse riding it is crucial for you to follow this tip.


Understand and accept that you cannot learn all this just in a day, so see that you hold patience. Just see that you are very patient with them while riding. Do not forget that you are going to ride a horse which is an animal of the wild. If you are pushed back by the it then be patient and stay calm.

This is important because in case you cannot keep your cool there are chances that of them will sense this and react to it. Try and behave as if you are completely all right. After you complete your equestrian horseback riding lesson, one thing that you need to remember is that you should always get down from the back of them from the left side.

Be well prepared

This is considered to be one of the most important tips for horse riding. Make sure, before you go to the field you are well prepared. If you will be scared of them will know about it and therefore will act wild on you. How much you enjoy while you ride will depend on them. Make sure you research well about riding tips and then go to the field. This would prove to be helpful to you.

Himalayas Trek

High snowy mountain peaks, good weather, local delicacies and people around you make every moment you spend almost unforgettable. There should be a balance between adventure and safety during your trek in Himalayas.

Basically, northern part of India is formed by the Himalayan ranges; this provides multiple options to those looking forward to experiencing trekking over there. Places like Garhwal, Kumaon, Ladakh, Sikkim and Himachal are some of the best known places in this region.

In Ladakh, the Zanskar mountain range also known as “The Lost Valley” is one of the most challenging mountains for trekkers. Winter season stays for almost 9 months but it would be great if you make all your plans in advance. Best time to hit this place is between June and September. This is the time when most of the Buddhist monasteries hold their annual festivals and. Visiting the place during this time allows you to learn the local culture of the Ladakh better.

Apart from Kumaon region, the only trekking place known for its high difficulty level is the “Nanda Devi”. Located on the Indo-Tibetan border, it’s the highest peak to trek in Himalayas. You can start your journey from the small town called Munsiyariand head towards the stunning “Johar Valley”. Being an unexplored region, this place gives you the rewarding experience of your life.

Next comes the Garhwal Mountains which are very close to Delhi. Starting with the Roopkund Lake, situated at an altitude of 5029 m, it comes in the periphery of Nanda Devi Sanctuary. There is a place called the Bhyundar Valley, aka the Valley of Flowerin the Garhwal region which is known to be the most rewarding place to trek. Your access point for this place will go through a village called Gangharia. Getting through this village is an adventure in its own way and you can experience only by visiting this place. May-September is the best time to be here and enjoy the most beautiful season of this valley; a season when the valleys are covered with flowers.

Kinner Kailash mountain, located in the “Kinnaur Valley” of Himachal Pradesh comes among the top places to trek in Himalayas. This place is known to be the abode of Lord Shiva and trekking over here is quite challenging and rewarding, for beginners as well as experienced trekkers.

There are few things that you should know prior to trekking Himalayas. Collect brief information about the place either from the internet or from your travel agent. It’s always good to have some basic knowledge about a place where you visit it for the first time. Once you start trekking, weather condition can get really bad. Make sure you carry all the necessary things with you including sleeping bag, medical kit, light and warm clothes.

In case you don’t want to make your first trekking experience horrible, double check your backpack for all the necessary items that would be required during trek in Himalayas.

Know more about China Adventures

Explore the Silk Road

Covering an area of 330,000 square kilometers, Taklimakan is the biggest desert in China. Under the endless sand are the relics of Silk Road, one of the greatest trade route in the history which connected the west and east. Although Xian is the starting point of Silk Road, the real essence which display the history of the road is in Xinjiang Province where you can find 14 grottoes and 990 caves. The sculpture and murals in these grottoes integrate the different artistic styles from China, Persia and India. On the road, the most fantastic view is castle of Luolan. In the ancient time, Luolan was a prosperous trade kingdom on the Silk Road. It takes you about two weeks to finish the whole journey so you should prepare everything well beforehand.

Western Tibet, off the beaten track

Traveling to the mysterious Tibet is always a dream for adventure-lover. But for the ordinary tourists, many of them choose to visit Lhasa and its vicinity. The most magnificent view and ancient culture lies in the western Tibet. Going to the western Tibet, you should not miss Mt Kailash which dominate the region with the sheer awesomeness of the four-side summit and the mythology of a billion Tibetan. Guge ancient kingdom is not far from Mount Kailash. The mystery of Guge lies in why no descendant of Guge exists in the world. Some relics of the castle was left and well-preserved.

Tiger Leaping Gorge Trekking

Located between the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge is one of the deepest in the world and of of the best for trekking. Despite the odd danger, it is gorgeous almost every step of the way. The path constricts and crumbles. When it rains, landslides and swollen waterfall can block the path. So you should check the weather before your journey. You should also study the trekking map of Tiger Leaping Gorge carefully. By the way, make sure that you bring the enough water on this hike.

Shangri-La Adventure

Shangri-la is a fictional place described in the Lost Horizon by British author James Hilton. In the book, Shangri-la was a mysterious, harmonious valley gently guided from a lamasery. In the realistic world, people found such a place as the book described in Zhongdian, Yunnan Province. Zhongdian is a wonderful places for getting off the beaten track with plenty of trekking and horse-riding opportunities as well as little-visited villages and monasteries. Shangri-la tour will leave you a lifetime travel experience in China.

Rock Climbing in Guangxi

Yangshuo is the best place for rock climbing in China. The best place for rock climbing lies in that you can not only challenge yourself but also enjoy the charming landscape around you. There are over 300 rocking climbing routes attracting many rock-climbing-lovers so that it is easy for you to find a partner. The locations for climbings include Moon Hill, Tongmen Hill, Thumb Peak, Big Banyan, Win Bottle Cliff, Baby Frog, etc, but the most famous crags of these are Moon Hill.

Explore virgin forest of ape-man in Shennnongjia

Shennongjia has been the adventure place for Chinese adventure-lovers for decades. Famed for its medical plants and legendary ape-man, Shennongjia is likely to be the wildest travel experience. The whole forest is divided into two selections; one is open to tourists and the other is the natural reserve which is not advised to pay a visit to. But adventure-lovers always try their best to hike in this area so the classic hiking route come into being and is regarded as brave person’s route.

Tips for adventurers:

Virgin forest is very large and many places are not open to the tourist so you need a tour guide.

For avoiding to be bit by blood sucker and snakes, you should wear trousers, long dress, hat, boot.

if you come across storm, you should stay at a open plain to avoid lightning strike.

Take some necessities such as raincoat, antiultraviolet glasses, knife, rope and compass.

Trekking along Great Wall

The saying goes like “He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man”. Adventurers can partake in the Great Wall Marathon which is usually held in May every year. It not only test your running ability but also give you a different Great Wall travel experience.

Mount Huashan

Mount Huashan is the most steep and dangerous mountain in China. As an old Chinese saying goes, there is only one path leading up Mount Huashan since the ancient time. So you don’t need to worry about being lost and it is unnecessary to invite a tour guide. The sunrise of Mount Huashan is very beautiful. If you plan to witness the sunrise, you have to climb the mountain at night. Many tourists choose to climb the mountain at nigh for watching the sunrise so that you can meet partner and the climbing path is generally safe.

Horse-Riding on Hulunbuir Grassland

Located in the northeastern Inner Mongolia, Hulunbuir Grassland is regarded as the most unsullied grassland in China. After May, the land is dotted with colorful flowers, birds, horses, sheep and cattle. It is very enjoyable to lie on the grassland and watch the clear blue sky. You can learn to ride horse here.

Bike-riding in Yangshuo

Yangshuo is an ideal place for riding bike. It is easy to find the place to rent a bike. You can visit the villages along your route and enjoy the beautiful karst scenery.


The Adventure of Safari Dubai

The purple sky of desert safari will give you an appropriate backdrop for camping in the deserts. It is an adventure in itself which combines the excitement of a roller coaster ride with the challenge of remaining mobile on the shifting. Desert Safari is a roller-coaster ride on the dunes of the Dubai desert which is surely enjoyed by all age groups.

When on the safaris, tourists can undertake activities such as camel riding; they get to go through the safari in the desert on camels. Dune bashing is what attracts many visitors to Dubai. Dune bashing basically involves tearing up and down sand dunes in a 4×4, usually at compromising angles that would otherwise be unachievable in a normal family car.

Roller-coaster ride surely shock and excite you whether you are an adventure seeker or not. A simple four wheel drive and a highly experienced driver are the only requirements of this thrilling Desert Safari ride. Camel rides are also an important part of the Dubai desert safari tour, these are popular among tourists.

You will experience a different scene altogether in morning and evening. The place is mesmerizing and you also get to see sun setting in the middle of the desert safari. After that you are taken to camps where you enjoy drinks or a cup of tea. As you watch the glorious sunset and relish the mouth-watering local food, you will understand the true meaning of ‘tranquility and harmony’.

Desert safari in Dubai gives you a chance to take pleasure of Dubai. Escaping the rush of Dubai city to go up and down the hills of that enormous desert is exactly what your soul was looking for when you left your hometown!

Dubai culture, Arabian tea and Arabian dates and the traditional buffet dinner and delicious breakfast with the sunrise in the desert, Refreshments and much more is waiting for you.


Bac Ha Market, Vietnam

The busiest day in the region is Sunday when Bac Ha Market takes place in Lao Cai province. Once held on a hill in town, the market is now held in a building with a cement floor and sheet-metal roof. In the past, Bac Ha Market was characterized by the flamboyantly colorful skirts of Flower Mong women, brewed corn liquor from pho Village, and groups of men socializing over offal hotpot and cups of homebrew and challenging one another to horse races. Sadly, the scene has changed. Those who want to experience an authentic highland market must now travel to Can Cau Market, which is held every Sunday in the Si Ma Cai District some 30km away from Bac Ha.

Drawing Flower Mong and Giay people, Can Cau market has recently began to attract scores of foreign tourists. At the market, I hear a mix of languages. Ethnic fabrics are piled in the stalls and hung from poles. Silver necklaces shimmer upon nylon sheets laid out on the ground. I can smell fragrant local condiments, the scents of ‘mac khen’ and ‘doi’ grains mixed with those of corn homebrew and boiling offal hotpots. All around is a merry mix of color and laughter.

Rice in the surrounding terraced paddies is harvested in September and October. Photographers from all over Vietnam head to the northwestern mountains in the autumn, traveling along the National Highways 2 and 4 to capture beautiful rural scenes in the districts of Y Ti and Bat Xat in Lao Cai and Mu Cang Chai in Yen Bai. These locations boast a dream like beauty. Terraced fields ascend to infinity, mingling yellow and green patches of rice plants.

Everyone is busy during the harvest season. Rows of porters and horses carry grains to the markets and vendors trade agricultural products for utilities. Needles, thread, oil, fish sauce, fabric and batteries are necessities. More expensive purchases include cattle, chickens, jewelry, and recently cell phones and MP3 players. Songs from battery-fueled radios are gradually replacing the sounds of lip lutes and umbrella dances. The lure of an urban lifestyle is swirling over even the remotest corners of Vietnam.

In Dien Bien and Lai Chau, there are fewer rural markets, as they are being replaced by commercial urban areas. A socio – economic center of this region, Dien Bien is home to large – scale markets like those seen in many other regions, although the products still reveal the special identity of the highlands. Here, visitors will see Thai ethnic women selling mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and rice, or vendors chopping reeds to reveal the chit worms that live inside of them. The locals believe that fermented chit worms boost meds virility. Bottles full o[these white worms inspire both terror and delight in foreign visitors. Glutinous rice and dried beef are other great gifts sold in Dien Bien Market.

The markets in northwestern Vietnam are diverse. Some markets take place on large boats, such as those that travel along the Da River and stop at villages to sell oil, rice, cattle and chickens. Some markets are located on the precipitous cliffs around Ba Be Lake, where market-goers arrive on horseback, by boat or on foot through dense forests. Locals go to the market to shop, but also to meet old and new friends. Either along rivers or on high mountains, these markets embody the soul of this wild region. Regardless of the weather and thick fog, these highland markets offer a vibrancy and tranquility that is unseen in modern life.

Campervans Tips For First Time Travellers

Make a plan

Decide where you want to go and what you want to see. Set forth for your journey so that you have enough time to cover the distance you need to travel.

Make an estimate of fuel cost

Check out the fuel watch websites to know the price of fuel for each city and town you are travelling to.

Check the weather

Before you set forth for your journey, check out the weather forecast. You can deter from driving if the expected temperature if unfavorable Knowing the temperature from beforehand, you can also pack accordingly.

Start early

It is a great idea to get up early and start your journey early. Doing this you can reach your destination by afternoon and get ample time to savor your trip. Driving at night in the dark is not at all recommended.

Take it slow

When you are driving the campervan for the first time, it’s important to drive it slow. Driving a campervan can be a different experience from driving an ordinary car.
Be ready for unwanted circumstances

Flat tires won’t give you a red signal before they occur. And they happen in inconvenient places. Make yourself equipped so that you can repair the damage as soon as it occurs.

Keep doors closed at night

At night, don’t forget to keep the camper doors closed to keep out unwanted insects or creatures. Once they are in, it will be very difficult to kick them out.

Pack smart

If you are driving a campervan, it’s for sure that it will be your home for at least a couple of days. So you need to pack all you will need for the days. Pack clothes, winter clothes if needed, undergarments, cosmetics, toothpaste, toothbrush, and other necessities.

Share the driving

Driving continuously can be boring and monotonous. Designate someone else to share your driving responsibilities. In this way, your trip will be safer and you will be able to enjoy the sceneries around you.

Be aware of animals

Keep a watch for animals and birds on the road so that you may avoid hitting them with your vehicle. Take extra care in case you are driving in the dark.