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We Wanted to Take a Trip to a Place That We’ve Always Heard About

After hearing just about everyone mention going to Hawaii for a trip, my wife and me decided that we wanted to go. Of course, I had always wanted to go previously, but we just didn’t have the chance. But now that we are retired and have more time to get around more, we did not want to miss the opportunity. I had to ask her the name of Hawaii big island because I felt that is where I wanted to go first and where most of the action would be. But I checked out the other islands as well and saw things on each one that I would love to see.

Hot Air Ballooning History

It may be surprising to learn that the hot air balloons recognisable today didn’t start out looking like that. In fact they looked a little more like lanterns that are popular in today’s society at celebrations and special occasions such as weddings or birthdays. Like today, they were made of extremely lightweight and thin material making them carry naturally with the wind. To give them flight, small flames were inserted at the base of the balloon and hundreds were set off at one time.

So not quite like the kind of balloons you think about today. But these lanterns showed that an injection of hot air can give material flight. From then on many inventors and pioneers spent time working out how to create a balloon big enough to carry a person. This was no easy task – materials at the time were not as strong as they are now nor was the technology used in any way as advanced.

The first manned hot air balloon was around 1783. The man who was brave enough to undertake such a task was Etienne Montgolfier, who spent years, investigating how to create a contraption that would successfully carry him off the ground and into the air.

Prior to Montgolfier, the only other hot air balloon flight to have been a success carrying living things included a sheep, duck and a rooster. As these animals suffered no harm from climbing high into the sky, Montgolfier seemed satisfied that he would be safe to follow them. Unlike balloon flights today, Montgolfier didn’t use the balloon to travel anywhere. In fact the balloon climbed into the sky, but was tethered to the ground to stop it from climbing too far as they hasn’t properly worked out how to safely land the balloon!

Balloon flights didn’t become popular amongst the general public until rather recently. This was mainly due to the fact that hot air balloon flights weren’t easily accessible for the majority of people.

This was especially true during wartime – countries at a stand still and focusing on only one thing wasn’t really the time for frivolous activities such as balloon flights. But hot air balloons did play a part in wartime. They were used as a means of shielding the ground below by being allowed to drift up high above the rooftops. Doing so would make it extremely hard for the opposition to attack.

So as you can see hot air balloons have come a long way from where they started, as beautiful celebratory lanterns and military equipment. The main purpose balloons have nowadays is to show some of the wonders of the world, whist high up in the sky experiencing a once in a lifetime balloon flight.

Cuopugou National Forest Park, Sichuan Province

The essence of park lies in the collection of snow mountain, glacier, virgin forests, clear lakes, streams, valleys, waterfalls, hotsprings, grasslands, temples and Tibetan atmosphere. Starting from Mangkang County, we finally arrived at the forest after hard self-drive experience. It is not hyperbolic to say that we are shocked by the otherworldly scenery. We feasted our eyes on the beauty of park. The park is characterized by quietness and colorfulness. Grasslnad, valley and banks of lakes are decorated with various kinds of beautiful wild flowers. It was very enjoyable to lie on the grassland and immerse yourself into the imagination.

It is also accessible to take the local off-road vans in Cuola or Chaluo towns. But we did’t ask how much the fare is. In the day we entered there, a few local Tibetans and several young tourists take the vans to Cuopu Temple. If you plan to take local vans to Cuopugou, you cannot enjoy the pleasure of soaking your feet in the hotspring from a small pit you can dig. Turning at Cuola Town and driving upstream along the bank, we got to geothermal valley. The valley is filled with the hotspring, filling the air with the odor of sulfur. The temperature of hotspring can reach 100℃ and we choose to soak our feet in lower temperature of hotspring.

There are many mysterious holy mountains and lakes and every one of them has their own folklores. Cuopu Lake which is considered as “The First Holy Lake in Kangba Area” is no exception. It is said that believers of Tibetan Buddhism circling around the lake equal to more than ten million times of reading sutra so numerous believers come here to pilgrim.

At the end of Cuopugou stands many snow peaks. The one staning at the forefront is named General Peak by tourists. All these snow peaks have a common name Zha Jin Jia Bo whing means king and queen in Tibetan. According to the local legend, king and his queen from the heaven had a tour here and were so captured by the charming view that they forgot to return to the heaven. So the Heaven Emperor made them become eternal peaks. At the foot of snow mountains stands a temple called Cuopu Temple which are famous in Kangba Tibetan area. The buildings of the temple is very old with exquisite sculpures on.

Cuopugou enjoys the reputation of “Oriental Alps” and “Soul of Shangri-la”.

The best time to visit here lies in May and June when periods of heavy rainfall alternate with periods of drought. It is not very hot and the rainfall is low.


Philippines Adventures

The Plunge at Danao, Bohol

Ever wondered how Tarzan feels swaying from vein to tree branch to vein again? The Plunge at Danao, Bohol comes close to it! You will be attached to a long harness and will slowly be lowered to a wide space in the mountain. You really don’t have to do anything but to hold on tight and wait for the click of the cable that will release you and send you swaying to and fro! And it’s nothing like a sway on a swing; it’s hardcore thrill with nothing but nothingness below!

White Water Rafting at CDO

Beginner or expert, you can experience the ultimate river ride in Cagayan de Oro. It is far from Manila, but the travel will all be worth it. The river serves as the perfect ride for you to feel like you know how to paddle through and succeed! If you’re braver, you can try rafting at night! A big bonus is the sights and the beauty of CDO. Mindanao is really gorgeous, and CDO is definitely no exception.

Zipline at CDO

Oh yes, CDO is fast becoming the thrill seekers’ paradise. It currently holds the record for longest zipline in Asia! The line is 840 meters long, and the ride will last a minute. The good thing about it is that it is still relatively affordable! The ride only costs P500, whereas this rate will only take you about a hundred meters or so in other zipline facilities.

Mapawa River Trek at CDO

Let’s not leave CDO anymore! The trek will take you to five different waterfalls, with a big finale! The first four falls will require you to simply slide down, but the last one will have you jumping from a 20-feet cliff! With these three activities, you can be sure that your flight to the Davao International Airport and your road trip to CDO will be more than worth it!

Scuba Diving

You can do this basically anywhere there’s water and a licensed dive shop. The Philippines is the richest place when it comes to marine biodiversity, so you will really not run out of places to dive in. You’re in the Manila area? Batangas is only a three-hour drive! If you’re in the Visayas region, there’s Boracay and Cebu. And if you’re in Mindanao, well Davao is quite accessible too!


Things to See in Las Vegas

So many different shows type of shows that also are proven upon Broadway have become noticed in Las Vegas. Most of the implies that are thinking about planning to Broadway give it a try very first within Vegas to see how well the crowd wants them. Today a couple of the largest vendors tend to be Phantom from the Opera the industry classic favored between cinema fans and Disney’s lion full that has been around for years yet is a great present to take the kids in order to if you traveled to Vegas for a family trip.

Cirque du Soleil has the biggest quantity of shows within Las Vegas. Lots of people, in fact, make the vacation to the actual sin city to determine just the shows made by Cirque du Soleil. They’ve got carried out extremely well with all the people right here and are many different in one another providing a great selection. To have been confirmed for some time and it is any show completed in the water using synchronized swimmers and incredible effects whilst Zumanity is surely a mature version in which deliver sensuality to some entire additional stage. Love can be a show utilizing every one of the Beatles tracks and KA and also Mystere will be the most recent enhancements for only much more enjoyment.

Many stars love the concept of as being a headliner inside Sin city which means they are able to carry out each day while not having to travel such as they’d on an excursion. Some headliners perform for just many months while others go on for a long time. At this time the top headliner shows are usa westkuste rundreise Bette Midler which can be as a result of conclusion fairly quickly and Cher and also Donny as well as Marie. Whichever type of songs you want, you can find this right now there.

The ultimate group will be the assorted one which functions showgirls, masters of magic as well as other functions and sport shows. Showgirls are a choice of Vegas and really should be observed on the go to. You can find nude types along with more affordable shows. Magic is definitely a huge type of entertainment in Las Vegas and right now, Criss Angel may be the most popular solution in the city so guide ahead if you wish to see his / her display. Also, if you’d like your opportunity to find out and maybe become a contestant, navigate to the live taping with the Prices are Proper shows located in Las Vegas also.


Family Vacations

The family members are always tied up in their daily lives with special things, this never give them enough time to sit and have good time together even if they all live in the same house. Opting for a family vacation Costa Rica package give everybody in the family an opportunity to live and have heart to heart conversations and have a good and comfortable time with each other.

The whole family comes together and idea for a family vacation in one way or the other. This helps everybody to give their ideas, which make them feel that they own something about the trip and thus feel happier to take part. Hence this is another advantage you get via a family outing.

If you idea for any vacation at any place or country it gives you an opportunity to explore anonymous culture and creed and a special way of doing things in a much personal way. The kids are able to share their thoughts with their parents about the new effects they learn concerning culture, while parents get an unknown perspective of the same thing.

With a family vacation, you give your kids the topmost opportunities to enjoy their life when they have need of the most. May be at the later stage, your children may fail to have the time to go out and invest a nice time together with the family.

Also by going for a family vacation, you get the opportunity to learn to bond with each other in a more helpful way, which is not possible over the local places. During the vacations, the children are seen making you as your associates or playmate and have good time together. You could just end up making your kind your topmost friend at any holiday.

Holidays are also the ways to have unfamiliar energy in yourself and add anonymous edge in your monotonous life. It also helps in busting the stress, which surrounds you while being tied up at the competitive workplaces. These times are good opportunity to come into a comfortable mode and unwind.

Different Hot Air Balloon Rides

Group Hot Air Balloon Rides

Ballooning flights and trips are a popular activity for those who like to experience new things and get their adrenaline kick! Going on a balloon flight for a birthday is a great idea for the lucky person whose birthday it is, but also the guests that are lucky to be invited! Usually, friends and family can travel with other riders, but balloons can also be hired out by groups of people, usually up to 10 people. This is a great alternative to taking just two or three friends, and means you won’t have to leave anyone behind!

VIP Hot Air Balloon Trips

There is nothing more romantic than watching the sun set over beautiful views of patchwork countryside and hidden from view houses. Balloon trips are a great opportunity for couples to celebrate their love, wedding anniversary or even the backdrop for popping the all important question! VIP hot air balloons are a little bit more special compared to traditional balloon rides, as champagne and a post-ride dinner usually come with the package.

Safari Hot Air Balloon Trips

Going on a safari balloon trip doesn’t mean travelling to exotic countries. These exciting and adventurous trips are about experiencing spectacular views and spotting wild and local animals either in safari parks or out in the wild. Safari balloon rides are popular as they give people the chance to experience a balloon ride whilst looking out for lions, tigers or gigantic eagles in the sky! Safari balloon rides are great for all keen animal lovers and those with an adventurous side.

Historical Hot Air Balloon Rides

Ballooning trips can also be educational as well as thrilling! Local history can be found wherever you go, so there’s always the chance to fly over sites filled with local history whilst on a balloon trip. Watch the sun rise over a 400-year-old estate, or spot the number of different gargoyles gracing the front of large houses. Historical hot air balloon rides are exciting for all members of the family, and are a great way to learn local history whilst flying high above each landmark.

There are ballooning trips for everybody, no matter what their taste or what they want to get out of their ride. Whether it be to learn some local history or spend the day with the person they love, these flights are the perfect way of experiencing new things. These are some great ideas of experiencing a hot air balloon rides in an unconventional way.

Why Planning Horseback Vacation ?

Selecting horse riding vacations for discovering new country – There are a number of riders who love to travel to new countries. They enjoy beautiful scenic views riding on the horse. There is no need for you to choose a country that is far, instead opt for Costa Rica horseback riding for this purpose. This is one among the best locations for riding. Going to different country for vacations will give you adventurous and unforgettable experience.

Opportunity to meet experienced local riders and get to learn – Equestrian vacations mainly offer the opportunity to meet as well as get in touch with the local people. With these people one also gets chance to know as well as attend local events such as horse shows and horse fairs. Apart from this one can learn riding discipline, horse language as well as culture.

Opportunity to ride different breed of horses and explore riding discipline – In case you are horse ride lover you might be very well aware about the different kinds of breed of horses. Among these breeds there are chances that you might be dreaming of riding some specific breeds. By booking this equestrian vacations you might get a chance to ride the breed that you dreamed of.

Horse riders like to meet other horse lovers in warm atmosphere – The people that love stallion riding will surely enjoy sharing their stories and adventure with other riders. By this, you can make friends as well. You can also know various equestrian horseback riding destinations as well as various events.

Selecting equestrian horseback riding vacation to enjoy a special occasion – Occasion like honeymoon, hen, stag party, anniversary or birthday are very special in a person’s life and so people usually plan holiday on these occasions. In order to celebrate such occasions there are several packages as well as offers provided. There is horse riding packages as well as for horse lovers. By booking this vacation you can make yourself and the partner or guests special. This will prove to be a unique kind of trip.

This kind of vacation is not only for the horse lovers but also for others as it will help them keep away from the work stress, city traffic, noise and pollution. This type of vacation can be a life time experience for people. So book the packages that are suitable for you as soon as possible!


Sea World San Diego

Going to Sea World has been a longtime pastime for many Southern Californians and visitors to the state. It is a unique theme park among the group of popular sightseeing opportunities in the region. The park offers a smattering of roller coasters, but the aim of the park is on sea creatures. Sea world shouldn’t be mistaken as an aquatic zoo. Think of it more as a safari park where the live inhabitants reside in large areas that are designed to mimic their natural habitats. An incredibly popular attraction at the park is a show with dolphins which have been trained to perform for guests do so with the help of trainers. The show continues to enchant visitors of all ages, most of whom appreciate how intelligent dolphins are, and at the park, learn how full of personality they can be.

Today, the dolphin show is called as “Imagine” and is as choreographed as any Las Vegas show. Since its inception in 1971, Sea World has added many innovative and educational attractions. Yet another popular show with guests is the show “Fish Detectives,” which stars comedic seals who easily get the audience laughing. During the show, the trainers and sea lions act out an investigation into Big Al, accused of catching way too many fish and hurting the environment. Two other shows focused directly at youngsters are Dora’s Best Friends Adventure and SpongeBob SquarePants. Parents love Sea World due to their interesting attractions and the chance for their children to learn about sea life and the environment while having fun. The park also has many exhibits that enable visitors to see and learn about a variety of creatures in a more up close and personal way.

There’s a dolphin pool where visitors view the young dolphins that are the successful result of park’s breeding program. People of every age group love to stop and watch the young dolphins cavort under the watchful eye of their own mothers. The Penguin Encounter is a large exhibit which includes a number of penguins from Antarctica Visitors can watch the penguins play from poolside, or descend to the underside and watch the birds glide underwater. Visitors can even visit Hudson, Nelson and Lia at the polar bear exhibit. Guests can watch the bears in close proximity, while the visitors stay on the ground or above ground on a special viewing deck, and the bears may also be watched as they swim under water. There’s also Ray Reef, that allows guests to feed and touch many different different rays, including stingrays. The water park is not the only great place to visit in the in the area. For an additional fee, guests can attend Animal Adventures, where they not only get to watch the Sea World marine life, they get to jump into the pool and swim with them.

Sea World also enables guests to cruise on vessels that taken them for a beautiful cruise along the coast and even participate in whale watching during the appropriate season. Some consider it one of the greatest experiences of their lives to view the first signs of a whale, a plume from its blowhole, and then to see the actual creature break the surface of the water. For an even more spectacular view, Sea World Helicopters fly visitors over the theme park, neighboring city, and the coast. Visitors can readily purchase park tickets over the Internet, which means the tickets can be purchased when their overall vacation is booked. Online purchasing gives great discounts, the ability to skip the long lines at the gate, and the confidence that tickets won’t be sold out. Pick which attractions you want to visit and then simply head to the appropriate area to purchase your tickets online so that you’re ready for admission when you arrive.


Snorkeling in Borneo

Borneo, the third largest island in the world, is shared among three nations – Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. The capital of the Malaysian state of Sabah, one of the two Malaysian states on the island of Borneo, is Kota Kinabalu. Kota Kinabalu has many amazing dive sites which are a close boat ride from the mainland.

Includes the five islands collectively known as Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, which are all within a half an hour from the mainland. Tunku Abdul Rahman Park has many sites which are ideal for both snorkeling and scuba diving. The islands are characterized by white, sandy beaches; its protected corals home to an abundance of fishes. All in all, there are more than 25 dive sites in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, which comprises Sapi Island, Manukan Island, Gaya Island, Mamutik Island, and Sulug Island. Manukan Island, Sapi Island and Mamutik Island have food and beverage facilities ranging from a-la-carte menus to BBQ buffet seafood lunches.

The tropical climate In Sabah means that it is hot every day of the year. However, it is becoming harder and harder to predict the weather. Rain can come as a surprise even on the hottest days. However, like the old folks like to say, “We are not made of sugar. A little rain won’t kill us”.

Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, purchasing tickets to visit the islands is very convenient. This can be done at the Jesselton Jetty located in Kota Kinabalu city itself, or by engaging a local travel agent who offers island hopping, snorkeling activities, sea sports activities and more. Snorkeling equipment such as masks, snorkels and fins can be rented in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park itself so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own.

There is no harm doing some research before you head off for snorkeling activities. Proper planning and sufficient information lets you avoid having an unpleasant holiday. Here are a few important and useful tips to make your snorkeling activity fun and safe:

  • Bring along some sea sickness pills in case you are affected by the boat ride
  • Choose a mask that fits well and is comfortable; snorkeling with a loose or leaky mask may fog up and blur your vision while snorkeling
  • If you are not a good swimmer, use a life jacket while snorkeling
  • There is no harm bringing a bottle of vinegar or other handy remedies to prepare for the risk of getting stung by jellyfish
  • Avoid stepping on corals and fishing
  • Keep the island litter free and help conserve the environment and the ecosystem
  • Snorkel within the island perimeter and adhere to warning signs